OXEVA prides itself on being at the very forefront of live lead supply.  Few would argue that OXEVA have the most robust network of delivery centres within the UK and are now firmly established as the most respected Hot Key supplier in the UK.

From Head Office in St Albans and our Account Managers around the UK, you can be certain that you will receive the very highest levels of Lead Quality, Client Service & Campaign Management.  Working with OXEVA requires vast experience in campaign management, with our staff coming from a background of Call Centre Management & Training, Campaign Planning, Lead Buying & Debt Management.  It's no surprise that we have such an enviable client rebook ratio, and an endless list of client references.

OXEVA started with humble routes as a brokerage geared towards the buying and selling of high value financial data, a group of five key industry brokers made the move into lead generation nearly three years ago, OXEVA was born.

Investment soon followed and a strategic move was made to remove dependence from third party call centres and regain a higher level of product quality control.  OXEVA made the move towards investing into its own UK based call centres, where staff can benefit from our training and personal development - an immediate affect was had on lead quality.  We train every staff member personally and develop their skills throughout our product range.  At no stage do we depend on temporary, untrained agents.

As production increased and clients requirements grew - OXEVA moved upstream and is now firmly placed as the UK's leading inshore hot key wholesale specialist, supplying exclusively through a dedicated reseller channel.  Operating through this family of over 40 resellers, clients benefit from localised representation and knowledge, whilst resellers in turn benefit from being part of the strongest brand in Live Leads.

Where OXEVA thrives and others fail, is in our commitment to producing the highest level of our core product - Hot Keys.  Most of our clients and resellers have been bitten by the many regurgitated webleads that are available online.  Often, webleads are recycled and resold - so conversions are always problematic.  Hot Keys however, are live and the consumer is on the call, right now, ready for conversion.  The consumer can only be on one call at a time, so ROI's are always impressive.  Research has proven that with webleads; a consumer often enters their details into an average of 5.7 different webforms each time they visit the internet.  This has an immediate and noticeable affect on your ROI.  OXEVA in 2007, was one of the largest buyers of webleads for its call centres in the UK, at the start of 2008 we abolished this strategy as 'completely ineffective', we urge you to do the same.

Please, give us a call and we can discuss your requirements in further depth, or invite you to your local call centre for a personal tour.  We look forward to hearing from you.